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Working  with  Patrick  are  Mary  Jo  Naschke,  Helena   Anyone Want To Repair/Own A Steam Crane?
        Biggin, Jazzmin Sanchez, and Daisy Lee, pictured below.         by Don Harper, Editor and Board Member

                                                                    When  the  Museum  was  in  its  infancy,  railroad
                                                                equipment  and  artifacts  were  gathered  from  around  the
                                                                country.    Three  pieces  of  railroad  equipment,  a  steam
                                                                crane, a tender and a tool car, were purchased from Reeder
                                                                Railroad in Reader, AR, in 1982.

                                                                    Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific derrick #95014 was built
                                                                in  1904  by  Industrial  Works,  Bay  City,  MI,  and  bears
                                                                construction #1266 on its builders plate.   It is all-steel and
                                                                had a lifting capacity of 60 tons.  Steam power, generated
                                                                by an oil-fired boiler in the cab, drove pistons connected to
                                                                eccentrics, which are connected to a drum.  When the drum
                                                                turned, cables raised or lowered the boom.
                                                                    Oil and water for the firebox and boiler were supplied by
                                                                the tender behind the crane.
            Seating is limited; watch for invitations. If you wish to      Industrial Works went out of business in 1984.
        underwrite the event, become a sponsor, or secure a table,
        please  contact  Mary  Jo  Naschke  (409)  771-4373         Derrick tender #95015 (ex-Reader Railroad 1702, exx-                                    Warren  &  Saline  River  Railroad  1702,  exxx-U.S.  Army
                                                                1702) was built in 1942 to War Department specifications.
                       Railroading Merit Badge
                by Don Harper, Editor and Board Member          The construction date is cast into the trucks.
                                                                    During  restoration  in  2002,  letters  for  the  Warren  &
            Dr. John Bertini, chairman of the board of directors, has   Saline River RR were found just below the top row of rivets.
        resurrected the Boy Scout Railroading Merit Badge program    These letters were hidden beneath several layers of paint.
        at the Museum.  Initiated and run by board member Don       An investigation into the tender's history revealed that it
        Harper  in  1997  and  run  until  his  retirement  in  2006,  the   originally  ran  behind  U.S.  Army  engine  #1702,  a
        program  continued  under  various  leaders  until  it  became   Consolidation class (2-8-0), at Ft. Benning, CA.  The engine
        dormant.                                                and tender were purchased by the Warren & Saline River
            Boy  Scouts  may  take  advantage  of  facilities  at  the   Railroad for their logging railroad in 1946 (a photo of engine
        Galveston  Island  Railroad  Museum  to  study  for  the   and tender in revenue service may be seen at:
        Railroading Merit Badge.  The Museum holds the largest
        collection  of  railroad  artifacts  in  the  southwestern  United      The engine and tender were sold to Reader Railroad in
        States, and a large percentage of these may be seen in the   1964. During Reader's ownership, the engine and tender
        display cars, the Theater Building and the People’s Gallery.    were used in a movie called "This Property is Condemned"
            In the rail yard are diesel and steam engines, a variety   and  were  painted  in  Louisville  &  Nashville  markings.
        of freight and passenger cars, cabooses and maintenance   Remnants  of  these  markings  were  also  found  during
        of way cars.  In the theater building, formerly the Railway   restoration.  At some point Reader Railroad swapped the
        Express  office  building,  is  a  700-square-foot  HO-scale   tenders of the steam crane and engine 1702; engine 1702
        model railroad.                                         received the larger steam crane tender and the steam crane
            Scouts must complete items in 7 categories in the list of   received tender 1702.    Engine 1702, with its larger tender,
        requirements that were established in the 2022 revision of   still labors on the Great Smokey Mountain Railroad in North
        the program.  Two of these sections deal with safety around   Carolina. See the web site:
        railroads.    To  learn  about  the  requirements,  visit:                                  CRIP  derrick  boom  car  #95016  was  probably  built  in
        scouts/meritbadges/railroading-merit-badge.asp          1905, as that is the date on the truck bolsters.  It is a wood
            To  keep  abreast  of  the  latest  developments  of  this   car for housing the derrick boom, and for carrying various
        program  at  the  Museum,  visit  the  Museum’s  website,   spare parts and tools.  It has fishbelly center and side sills.

                                                                    As can be seen in the photos below, the  equipment is
                                                                in disrepair.  The Museum would like to cosmetically repair
                                                                them but currently does not have the funds to do.  If anyone
                                                                would like to fund this project, please contact the Museum.
                                                                    Alternatively, if anyone would like to own a 3-piece set
                                                                of railroad history, it can be had where is, as is.  The taker
                                                                must arrange for transport from the rail yard.
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