Page 3 - Galveston Railroad Museum - Winter News February 2024
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Polar Express, 2023                    magical trip. Just like the kids in the book, families  were
                  by Mary Jo Naschke, Public Relations          encouraged to wear their pajamas for the ride!
                                                                    Plans are already underway for the 2024 event.  Tickets
                                                                will  go  on  sale  to  members  later  in  the  summer.    Once
                                                                Museum  members    have  had  their  chance  to  purchase
                                                                tickets,  tickets will be available to the general public.
                                                                    Members  will  receive  email  notifications  out  when
                                                                tickets are available.  Be sure to renew your membership, if
                                                                you haven’t done so already, to get first crack at tickets.

            To  the  delight  of  young  and  old  alike,  the  Railroad
        Museum  completed  another  very  successful  season  of          Upcoming Events at the Museum
        Polar Express rides.  Over 40,000 passengers rode the train      by Mary Jo Naschke, Public Relations
        and enjoyed the entertainment.
            For the first time, the Museum added a “Polar Express                Steampunk Festival
        Train Ride for Adults Only.”  It ran on Friday, 17 November
        at 8:30 p.m. The dedicated car was for adults 21 years and      Galveston Steampunk Festival will return on 6 April, so
        older.  It’s  was  same  amazing  ride  with  all  the  bells  and   break out your Steampunk attire and plan to join the fun. A
        whistles that is enjoyed by children around the world.   It   highly entertaining event centered on railroad technology,
        quickly sold out.                                       there  will  be  costume  contests,  tea  tasting  party,  teapot
            The special ride was complete with Santa visits and the   races,  exhibits  and  more.  Rich  in  people  watching,  the
        first gift of Christmas presents. All passengers enjoyed the   enthusiasts  come  dressed  to  the  nines  (great  costume
        live entertainment, hot chocolate and delicious cookies on   ideas for the Rail Baron’s Ball Wild Wild West). Specially
        the fun trip to the North Pole. No alcoholic beverages were   priced admission passes and parking fees for members are
        allowed on the ride, but they were served at the depot food   online.
        court before and after the ride.               
            Polar Express opened on 10 November and continued
        through  December  23.    It  was  an  immersive  family  fun
        experience.  As usual, the adventure came to life when the
        train departed for a round-trip journey to the North Pole.
            Set  to  the  sounds  of  the  motion  picture  soundtrack,
        passengers,  led  by  a  cast  of  talented  actors,  relived  the
        magic of the classic story as they were whisked away on
        THE POLAR EXPRESS™ for a one-hour trip to meet Santa.
            Once on board, the conductor worked his way through
        the coach and punched golden tickets before hot chocolate
        and  a  delicious  cookie  were  served  by  dancing  chefs.
            Passengers then read along with the classic children’s
        book, The Polar Express, by Chris Van Allsburg. Santa and
        his helpers boarded the train to greet passengers and each
        guest was given the first gift of Christmas - a sleigh bell.
            During  the  trip,  characters  on  each  car  led  fantastic
        onboard entertainment – just like in the film!  Each guest
        took  home  a  keepsake  sleigh  bell  and  souvenir  golden   Revelers at the 2023 Steampunk Festival in Galveston.
        ticket, in addition to the wonderful memories made on this
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