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                       Exhibits  Currently Open

               The Orphan Train, Dining in Style: Railroad
        Porcelain China and Silver
               “Traveling on a City at Sea: The Story of the
        Battleship Texas”

                  Partnering with Galveston Schools
                  by Mary Jo Naschke, Public Relations

            As  our  partnership  with  the  Galveston  Independent
        School  District,  Powerful  Learning  Innovators  Program,
        continues  to  flourish,  we  have  expanded  our  educational
        outreach  to  include  STEM  curriculum  and  lesson  plans.
        Student field trips have increased to include schools from
        across the state, Scouts enjoy badge earning opportunities,
        and  senior  citizen  groups  –  including  Winter  Texans  are
        scheduled for the year.  With your support we will continue
        to grow and to offer quality programming.

                 Another Successful Rail Baron’s Ball
                  by Mary Jo Naschke, Public Relations

            The 2023 Rail Baron’s Ball was a very successful
        fundraiser for the Museum.  160 guests, all attired in
        period costumes, attended.

                                                                The  People’s  Gallery,  transformed  into  a  dazzling
                                                                dinner extravaganza.

        Joan and Doug McLeod dressed to the nines.

            The net profit from sales of tickets to the event, and a
        silent auction, was over $13,000.  The proceeds will be used
        to complete the conversion of the former Amtrak baggage
        car to the Museum’s library car.  The work is expected to be
        completed this year.
            The library car was moved to Texas City in October and
        turned  on  the  Texas  City  Industrial  Railroad’s  wye  there,
        and then returned to the Museum.
            The  Museum  thanks  the  event  organizers  for  their
        efforts,  and  the  attendee  for  their  generosity.    Plans  are
        already underway for the 2024 Ball (see below).  A planning   A table set for the dinner.
        binder  has  been  created  to  facilitate  panning  for  future
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