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VOLUME 21, ISSUE 1                                                                       FEBRUARY 2024

                                                    WINTER NEWS
                                        By David Robertson, Executive Director

                                                                of  the  stars  of  our  Speaker  Series,  Ray  Byer,  will  be
                                                                speaking during this year’s RailFest about his experiences
                                                                with model trains.
                                                                    Ray  has  been  working  diligently  to  get  the  HO-scale
                                                                model train layout in the Theater Building, AKA the Railway
                                                                Express  building,  reassembled  and  running  once  again.
                                                                We expect it to be complete by the end of 2024.  You can
                                                                watch Ray working in the Theater Building on weekends.
                                                                    The Museum is excited to announce the extension of
                                                                The Battleship Texas “A City at Sea” exhibit. The exhibit is
                                                                spotlighting many items from the ship that have never been
                                                                seen.  My favorite is a microphone used by General Dwight
                                                                Eisenhower aboard the ship just prior to D-Day.  If you come
                                                                to  the  Museum  and  enjoy  the  exhibit,  please  post  your
                                                                favorite items to Face Book or Instagram.
                                                                    Starting on 1 February, the Museum will have a new
                                                                feature entitled “Museum Finds.”  It will be changed each
            Welcome to winter at The Galveston Railroad Museum.   month and will spotlight an item that has never before been
        It has been cold as a cucumber around the rail yard, but this   seen by the public.  We are amazed at the plethora of items
        cold snap has certainly not slowed the Railroad Museum   we have residing in our archives.
        down.  We have winterized our F Units, gotten the proper    In the next few months look for an exhibit related to The
        inspections for Engine 1983 prior to the beginning of  spring   Harvey  House  Restaurant.  There  are  original  menus,
        season excursion runs, and packed away most of our Polar   uniforms etc. that are from the former Harvey House at the
        Express décor.                                          original Galveston Depot.
            I am pleased to inform the members that the 2023 Polar   This is a small glimpse of what is to come in 2024. We
        Express season was a spectacular success, with just under   look forward to seeing you.
        34,000 guests attending. We had our food court with Het     Don’t forget we have two rail cars that are being used
        Mikey’s ice cream being served, Riondo’s food truck with   as bed and breakfast cars.  They have 24-hour concierge
        adult  beverages,  Gypsy  Joynt  selling  their  Island  famous   service and are perfect for any event or get away.  Be sure
        sweets, and of course our own Whistle Stop Café was open.   to ask to see them when you visit.
        And kudos to ETC Theatre for creating a wonderful spot for   The Museum is also capable of holding dinners for up
        Santa to touch down.  The theatre group kept the visitors   to  350  attendees.    If  a  large  gathering  is  being  planned,
        entertained as the Polar Express was traveling to the North   consider holding it at the Museum.  Not only is there a large
        Pole and back.                                          space  in  the  People’s  Gallery  for  events,  but  guests  can
            We  are  now  looking  forward  to  spring.  We  will  be   book a stay in the rail hotel.  And remember, if staying at the
        continuing  our  speaker  series,  and  there  will  be  several   rail hotel, guests are free to wander about the rail yard and
        surprise speakers.  We think you will really enjoy them.  One   see the equipment up close and personal.
            The  Museum  is  an  immersive  living  history       immerse  themselves  in  railroad  history.  More  than
        experience,  offering  educational  exhibits,  interactive   200,000 guests visited the museum in 2023
        activities,  programs,  and  the  opportunity  for  visitors  to   So…until next time…..Keep steaming ahead!
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