Page 3 - Galveston RR Museum Newsletter - April 2023
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As shown in the photos below, entirely new roof trusses      When construction was complete, the items in storage
        and joists were installed.  Then a new roof was installed,   were retrieved and returned to the Theater Building.  New
        this time with treated wood.  The Museum hopes that this   glass  display  cases  were  purchased,  and  the  Theater
        new construction will deter the termites.               Building is well on its way to being completely restored.

                                                                Display items in storage containers awaiting new

                                                                    The longest restoration process will returning the model
                                                                railroads to operating condition. The sections of the layouts
                                                                have  to  be  reassembled  and  rewired.    That  process  is
                                                                estimated to require several months.
        A section of the building with the roof removed and
        new trusses and joists being constructed.

        New trusses and joists in place.                        Part of the HO-scale layout being returned.
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