Page 1 - Galveston RR Museum Newsletter - April 2023
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VOLUME 20, ISSUE 1                                                                                                                      April 2023

                                     LIFE IS GOOD AT THE RAILROAD MUSEUM
                                        By David Robertson, Executive Director

                                                                  back drop. This will take place April 19-April 22, and will
                                                                  be reported in more detail in the next newsletter.
                                                                      The Museum is excited to have the opening of our
                                                                  latest exhibit “The Orphan Train”.   A members only were
                                                                  hosted  at  a  reception  on  April  14,  with  author  Sandra
                                                                  McKay doing a reading from her book about the life of a
                                                                  young girl on the Orphan Train. Light refreshments were
                                                                  served, and the guests were given a sneak peek at the
                                                                  exhibit. On Saturday, April 15, the wonderful exhibit was
                                                                  unveiled to the general public. Sandra McKay returned,
                                                                  along with Dorothy Lund Nelson who reenacted life on the
                                                                  trains. The Museum would like to thank the Orphan Train
                                                                  Museum in Concordia, Kansas, for the loan of materials
                                                                  for the exhibit.
                                                                      The Museum will welcome its annual Rail Fest during
                                                                  the weekend of April 29 . Model rail clubs from around
                                                                  the state will converge on our little slice of heaven with
            Spring is in the air and with it an entirely new season   huge model railroad displays, including the Lego™ layout.
        of activities. We have spruced up the gardens with new    There will be several vendors along with vintage items for
        trees  and  plants  to  replace  ones  to  which  our  recent   sale  in  the  Museum’s  gift  shop.  There  will  be  live
        freezes were not kind. Our Memory Trees are available     entertainment on both April 29  and 30 . Please be sure
        for sponsorship. For a $2500 donation you will not only   to book one of the Museum’s B&B’s on VRBO for the full
        receive  a  Switchman’s  membership  but  also  a  brass   experience in the Museum for this spectacular weekend.
        plaque bearing the name of a charity, or you can honor    Go to VRBO typing in either 2329692 for the infamous
        the person of your choice. The tree will be cared for in   Bonnie Brook or 3111818 for the luxurious Silver Foot.
        perpetuity.                                               Don’t forget they come with 24-hour Porter service.
            April is a very busy month. We have already had great      The Museum’s fourth Oral History interview was with
        success  with  our  newest  event,  The  Steampunk  Fest.   Patrick Henry, lifetime Museum member, member of the
        Johnny  Steverson  is  credited  with  creating  a  magical,   board of directors, and railroad historian. His testimony,
        whimsical  time  consisting  of  folks  in  Victorian  costume   and  those  recorded  earlier  -  Velida  Breakfield,  George
        and wonderful oddities. We had live entertainment, a real   Lewis,  and  Frank  Perez  -  are  available  for  viewing  at
        time machine, a blacksmith creating one of a kind items
        out of railroad spikes, aerial dancing along with more than

        fifty vendors. We look forward to its return in 2024.                     28  Street Repairs
            The  Museum  has  partnered  with  FeatherFest,  the
        Birding  and  Nature  Photography  Festival,  this  year.      On one of the final Polar Express  rides of  2022, as
        Galveston earned the designation as a Bird City Texas in   the  train  was  crossing  28   Street,  returning  to  the  rail
        2021, one of only 3 cities in the State to earn this hallmark.    yard, the pavement suddenly gave way and the engine
        This  local  group  attracts  hundreds  from  around  the   dropped about 8 inches.     Fearing a  derailment, further
        country.  Participants  plan  one  evening  hosting  a    train  rides  were  canceled.   Since  then  the  Harborside
        photography class in the Museum using the trains as a     Express rides have also been canceled.
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